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5 Things to Watch in the October Jobs Report

The latest snapshot of the labor market, to be released Friday morning, is expected to show U.S. employers added jobs at a healthy clip last month despite emerging worries about the global economy.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/11/06/5-things-to-watch-in-the-october-jobs-report/?mod=WSJBlog

Economists Believe the Jobless Rate Will Be Much Lower for the 2016 Election. Will Voters Feel Better?

Economists in The Wall Street Journal’s monthly survey and policy makers at the Federal Reserve forecast that the next time there’s a national election, the jobless rate is going to be much lowe

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/11/06/economists-believe-the-jobless-rate-will-be-much-lower-for-the-2016-election-will-voters-feel-better/?mod=WSJBlog

Australia’s Jobless Rate: Another Sour Note

Jobseekers wait in line for career-counseling services at a jobs expo in Melbourne.
Bloomberg News

Australia’s stubbornly high jobless rate is yet anothe

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/11/06/australias-jobless-rate-another-sour-note/?mod=WSJBlog

Odds Are Good That Friday’s Jobs Report Won’t Disappoint

Of all the adjectives that will be used to describe Friday’s payrolls report, the latest data argue “disappointing” will not be one of them.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/11/05/odds-are-good-that-fridays-jobs-report-wont-disappoint/?mod=WSJBlog

Could Falling Short-Term Unemployment Finally Spark Wage Growth?

Meaningful growth in wages could finally be in the cards if one measure of unemployment continues to decline.
The short-term jobless rate—unemployment for workers out of a job for six months or less—could fall below 4% for the first time since the recession began when the October jobs report is released Friday. Some economists say a falling short-term rate should coincide with stronger wage gains because demand for people recently out of work better represents the labor market facing employers.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/11/05/could-falling-short-term-unemployment-finally-spark-wage-growth/?mod=WSJBlog

Economists React to the Fed Statement: ‘Surprisingly Hawkish’

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced the end of its long-running bond-buying program. The central bank also stuck to an assurance that short-term interest rates would remain near zero for a “considerable time.” Economists largely expected the end of the Fed’s third round of quantitative easing, as it was known.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/10/29/economics-react-to-the-fed-statement-surprisingly-hawkish/?mod=WSJBlog

Parsing the Fed: How the Statement Changed

The Federal Reserve releases a statement at the conclusion of each of its policy-setting meetings, outlining the central bank’s economic outlook and the actions it plans to take. Much of the statement remains the same from meeting to meeting. Fed watchers closely parse changes between statements to see how the Fed’s views are evolving.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/10/29/parsing-the-fed-how-the-statement-changed-42/?mod=WSJBlog
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